Great Wall of China

The Great Wall of China is probably one of the most famous monuments in the world; and certainly there is a reason for this!
It is 8000 km long, and besides being a World Heritage Site, it is also one of the seven World Wonders. Its building started in 215 b.c.; it is amazing to think how much time and work it took to build this huge monument. Especially if we consider the means and technologies available at the time.
Everyone has heard about it, or seen photos of it, so being in front of the Great Wall of China was really a great emotion. But visiting it is really tiring, especially for people who are no more young as the Adventure Grannies!



But let’s start from the beginning: only some parts of the Great Wall can be visited, because some haven’t been restored and so they are dangerous for visitors! The most popular point is Badaling, probably because it is very close to Beijing and so it can be easily reached!
We had read that it is a very crowded place, so we decided to go to Mutanyu, about 70 km away. It seems it is the best kept part: its original function was to protect Beijing and the Emperors’ tombs. Moreover, it is a little different from the rest because there are more towers.


The climbing

Once arrived in Mutanyu, the guide told us that we could take a cable car (by paying a fee) to get on the top, and so we did!
It was a good choice because the climbing is not so easy! We got on top at tower N° 15; the guide informed us that we could walk until tower N°25, then it was not advisable to go on because the conditions of the structure are not good.
Gianni and I started our walk, very slowly, we thought we could reach the tower N°20 or 21… but very soon we realized we couldn’t do that. Some parts were so steep, and we saw even young people having some difficulties.
So we decided to take it very easy and to get where we could. We often stopped to take photos and admire the view… and to rest!


The view

The view is really amazing; we could see the line of the Great Wall of Chine climbing up on mountains in the far distance, and all around green, forests and trees.
We were both completely fascinated by what we saw; sometimes my heart was beating very fast, I cannot say if it was for the physical effort or for the emotion of being there, one of the most famous places in the world.
When we got to tower N°18 we were completely exhausted and so we decided it was time to go back.
I must say that the three hours we spent on the Great Wall of China are among the most beautiful things I have done during our journeys, and I am sure I will always take with me the memory of this magic place!


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