Tikehau – French Polynesia


is one of the Tuamotu Islands, it is called the island of the pink sand and Jaques Cousteau defined it as one of the places richest in fish of the world.


We got there with a small plane of Air Tahiti, the company that links the islands, we flew over wonderful islands and we landed in a very small aiport, so small we were rather frightened the plane would crash!

It was a real surprise: the sand was really pink and when we first saw it, it was even more pink because of the sunset light! On the island there is only one resort, the Pearl Beach, where we had booked a really nice overwater bungalow.
The first night was exciting because there were the Heiva celebrations, it is a festival that takes places every July and you can see a lot of dances and contests. We were charmed by the nice local girls that danced at the frentic rythm of the music… how many times have you seen them on TV?

The morning after, we were on the beach! The water was so clear, and there were so many fish swimming near our legs, they didn’t seem frightened at all… what a wonder!
We spent the day relaxing and trying to keep up with tiredness, enjoying in the water with fish and booking a trip for the next day!

Birds’ Island

Isola degli uccelli

Birds’ Island


Someone had suggested us to visit Birds Island and so we decided to go there.
There were about 8 of us (all Italians on their honeymoon) and with a motor boat we got to our destination! The island is uninhabited, there are only a lot of different species of birds. It’s greta to see how many nests there are! But the most surprising thing was to see some eggs on tree branches, because there are some birds which do not build their nest!

Our second stop was another small island (these very small islands are called “motu” by the locals). While the cook was preparing our lunch, we explored the island and had a swim. i was a little frightened wheni found myself swimming among at list ten black-tip sharks… they were at leadt two metres long…
Later the cook explained that these shark recognize the noise of the engine and so they stay near the beach waiting for leftovers! Incredible!

On the third and last day we took the resort boat to make a tour in the little village (the only one in Tikehau). And when i say little, I really mean that: there are only very few scattered houses, but very nice, full offlowers and very well kept.

Minimarket a Tikehau

Minimarket a Tikehau


Mini Market Tikehau

There is only one small store, where you can buy almost everything and where we enjoyed a nice ice cream! But what i loved more were the people: they are so kind and smiling, and always ready to wish you a good day (Ia Orana). Polynesian people are really very nice!
And then, the moment to leave arrived and we were ready to go to Moorea, the second island we had chosen!





Photogallery Tikehau

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