Moorea French Polynesia

Moorea is among the largest Society islands and it has a volcanic origin, while Tikheau and Bora Bora are coral islands.

We get to Moorea after a very short flight, more or less ten minutes, and a bus takes us to our guesthouse, Motu Iti.

It is small, with very few bungalows, but we fall in love with it very soon. I must say that on this island we didn’t go to the beach very much and instead we preferred exploring the island: the day after our arrival we rented a car together with two Welsh guys we met in the guesthouse and… let’s go!

All the coastline in Moorea is wonderful, there are rocks and also white sandy beaches, but the place we loved more was Opunohu Bay; that is the bay where famous Captain Cook landed with his ship a long time ago.

Moorea Pensione Motu Iti

Moorea Pensione Motu Iti

There is also a bay called Cook Bay, but this famous event didn’t take place there.
The nicest beaches are in the area around the airport, and you cannot miss the view of the Pierced Mountain: it is a peak with a hole in the middle.
The legend says that the mountain was pierced by an arrow during a quarrel between two gods who wanted to obtain the possession of the island.

Tiki Village Moorea

The evening we spent there was rather particular: it is an accurate reconstruction of old-time Moorea, where a guide explained us everything about ancient polynesian traditions.
Then they offered us a huge dinner.

Then there were dances, but this time not only dancers gave a proof of their ability, but also ladies and gentlemen from the public!
In short, it was a very nice evening, even if rather expensive!



Moorea La baia di Cook

Moorea La baia di Cook

The day after we went on with the exploration of the island: this time we were on a quad, so we could see some areas you cannot reach by car!
Through narrow (and muddy) paths we climbed up the tallest mountain from where we could enjoy a really breathtaking view!

Sea and sky all over… we wanted to stay there as long as possible, but the guide asked us to move because a surprise was waiting for us!.

We visited a farm where only natural products are produced; among which a wonderful pineapple jam, i didn’t know it but i bought two vases because it was very good!

We ended the day by allowing us a very nice dinner by the sea and packing up because the day after we were leaving again… Bora Bora, we are coming!











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