Koh Samui, the wonderful island in Thailand!

 Koh Samui 

Thailand is so beautiful we couldn’t resist the temptation to come back there a second time. our first destination is Koh Samui, which is the second biggest island in Thailand Gulf!

Koh Samui

La spiaggia di Chaweng

 That time we flew with Etihad, the Abu Dhabi airline company, about which we had read a lot of positive things, it seems it is the second best company after Emirates. Our expectations were not disappointed: our flight was comfortable and after a two-hour stopover in Abu Dhabi, we got to Suvarnabhumi airport in Bangkok. The sky was very cloudy and it was hot and wet!
After they checked our passports and we picked up our luggage, we got to the third floor to check in with Bangkok Air, the airline company that would take us to Koh Samui. We were rater tired and we were very surprised to find out they let us leave with the flight before the one we had booked!

Koh Samui

La spiaggia di notte

 Bangkok Airis is described as “boutique airline” and indeed we were treated very well: to make an example, they offered us a nice breakfast for a flight that lasted no more than an hour.


At last, we were in Koh Samui; by taxi we crossed Chaweng and it was a bit of a chaos, a lot of cars, motorbikes and people walking on a very narrow pavement. Our hotel was Chaweng Garden Beach, we checked in and we were offered a very good and refreshing drink. Then, as our bungalow was not ready yet, they apologized and took us to the beach bar. 

Everything was so beautiful, there were three ordered rows of deck chairs for the guests, a lot of people selling their goods who walked on the shore but could not come near their potential customers, so they showed their goods at a distance. The sand was white and soft, the water was clear and (as we would discover some minutes later) very warm, as I like it!
Just the time to drink something and a waiter came to take us in a golf cart to take us to our room!
We were lodged in Villa N. 1. It is a wooden bungalow, surrounded by a green vegetation, in the following days we saw some humming birds and squirrels, there was a banana tree so very near that we almost could pick bananas from the tree. We changed our clothes and went to the beach!

Koh Samui


For about six days our life was around that beach: after our morning breakfast, with our beach towels and our sunscreen (very important!) we laid on our deck chairs, having a bath every now and then, going to the retsaurant at midday for lunch and then back again to sunbathe until 5 o’clock in the afternoon. It was real relax, with those kind waiters taking us beer, or water, or fruit juice or expresso coffee (yes, expresso… and it was very good!)
After a shower, we usually had a walk in the centre of Chaweng, visiting shops and sometimes even buying something, then we came back to our resort for dinner.
It was a real pleasure to dine on the beach, barefoot in the sand and going near the shore to put your feet in the water. The atmosphere was so lovely: fireworks every evening and every evening you could see some paper lanterns going up in the sky, lighting up the night!

Koh Samui



We had dinner outside the resort only twice, we went to an Italian restaurant called Duomo, owned by an Italian man from Milan who has moved to Koh Samui. They prepare very good meals. Gianni had read on the Internet about this place and wanted to try it. The food is nice, but the location is not very good, it is in a narrow street not far from the main street, the noise and the traffic…. much better ther beach!
And I must say we have been very lucky: the weather was almost always good, only some clouds and some summer pour in the afternoon that lasted no more than a quarter of an hour.
We made only two trips: one was the tour of Koh Samui and the other was Ang Thong Marine Park.

 The first trip lasted about half day, we were in a small bus with other people, they were Australian (Koh Samui was full of Australian people). The first stop was a holy place full of preciously decorated temples, the guide explained us it was a place loved especially by Chinese people. We didn’t stop for long, just the time to make a little tour and take some photos.

Koh Samui

The Big Buddha

Then they took us to Bophut to see the Big Buddha, a huge golden statue on the top of a stair. The view over the sea was wonderful and after taking some photos we enjoyed ringing the bells that hanged all around (of course we were barefoot).
The guide explained that just on that day there was the full moon, nowadays it is a big chance for young people to celebrate with a big Full Moon Party, during which they drink, dance and sing on the beach. But the Full Moon is also a very important religious event for Buddhist, so in the evening lots of people will gather in front of the Big Buddha statue to pray!

We left the place and we stop at a panoramic point to admire the island and the sea: by the way, all the people that pass near this place by car sound their horn to greet a small Buddha statue that is nearby!


Then we reached Lamai Beach! It is a wonderful beach, but we didn’t come for that: we were there to see Gandpa and Grandma Rocks. It is amazing to see what nature can do: these two rocks are really similar to the male and female genital organs, but what is really incredible is that the two rocks are very near!

Koh Samui

Granpa Rock


Grandpa rock is just near the sea, while Grandma rock is rather hidden and if the guide hadn’t shown it to us we wouldn’t have seen it!

Koh Samui

Granma Rock



The next stop was really sad: they call it “Monkey Show”, but there are only two small monkeys, both tied with a chain; the first was trained to climb a palm and take coconuts, the other instead was used to take pictures with tourists! I was very sorry for those little animals!

Koh Samui




Koh Samui



The next thing we were shown was the Hin Lad Waterfall. It is a waterfall, not particularly tall, but really nice, because it was surrounded by a very green vegetation. To get there is not so easy, but it worths while. The people who wanted could make a tour on the elephant, but Gianni and I had already made this experience and didn’t want to do it again.
And at last, we were taken to Wat Khunaram, a temple where the mummy of a Buddhist monk is kept. It is a holy place where lot of people go to pray. The monk’s name was Luong Pordaeng, he died in 973, and still today his body doesn’t show any sign of rottening. Rather shocking!

Then, we went back to our hotel!
For more info about tourist attraction you can have a look at this website!


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