French Polynesia

French Polynesia

is many travellers’ dream, everyone thinks to the charm of the exotic southern seas; we consider ourselves lucky because we could visit it, and we certainly were not disappointed.

Our great adventure took place in 2011, the year that changed our life; it was just in Polynesia I started having heart problems, but we had wanted to go there for such a long time.

French Polynesia

Bora Bora Polinesia

There are so many islands to be visited in French Polynesia and all of them are beautiful and attractive, but we had to make a selection and we chose the most famous: Tahiti, Moorea, Tikehau and of course Bora Bora. The journey is very very long, about 27 hours with two stopovers, in Paris and Los Angeles.

Luckily Air Taihiti Nui is a really very good airline company, so our flight was really very comfortable and during the trip they also gave us a tiara flower, it is the symbol of Polynesia, white and so smelly. When at last we arrived, we had just the time to get down the plane and we were already completely aware of the magic of this place: the smells, the music, the flower necklace they put around our neck… everything was as we had dreamed!


We spent our first night in Tahiti, because we really needed a good night’s rest, but in reality we did not sleep so much. I don’t know if it was because of the jet lag or because of the excitation, but we woke up rather early and ready to face the day.

Unfortunately the hotel was rather far from the capital city Papeete and it wasn’t worth while taking a taxi to go there; moreover it was 14th July and it was a holiday, just as it is in France, so everything was closed, from shops to attractions.

So we spent our time wandering near the airport, taking a lot of pictures and changing our money in local currency. But in the end the moment of leaving for Tikehau arrived, it was the first of the island we had chosen. The great adventure begins!


Photogallery Tahiti     Photogallery Tikehau    Photogallery Moorea    Photogallery Bora Bora

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