Egitto – In the Shadow of the Pyramids

Egitto – In the Shadow of the Pyramids

We had been dreaming Egypt and the Pyramids for a long time; but we had never really thought to go there because of the political situation in this country. But in the end, as at Easter 2027 we had a long holiday, we decided it was the right time!

We booked our tour through a local tour operator, Memphis Tour and I must say we were really satisfied with our choice and with the organization of our tour.


Pyramids Giza

The Pyramids

The first stop was Cairo, at the airport we met our guide, he got a Visa for us, then took us to our hotel.
Le Mèridien Ptramids Hotel & Spa is really very near to Giza Pyramids, so near that from our room we could see the top of the tallest one. Just while we were entering, we heard music and we found out that there were lots of people celebrating a wedding.
The morning after, after a huge breakfast, we went to visit the Pyramids with our guide. We stopped in front of the first one, the biggest, Cheope Pyramid. it is the only one of the seven wonders of the ancient world that has survived until today. You can enter inside the pyramid, but we preferred not to do it because they say it is very tiring… and the Adventures Grannies didn’t want to risk spoiling their holiday!


L’ingresso del museo egizio

We had all the time to take a lot of photos and listen to the guide’s explanations; then by bus we reached a panoramic point from which you can see all the three pyramids at the same time, the other two are Chefren’s and Micerino’s. It is a unique and wonderful view!
And in the ed, the Sphynx! It is huge, imposing… a pity there was a terrible crowd and we really had to push hard to see it… not to speak about taking photos!



La Sfinge


Then, we moved to the city centre where we had a quick lunch at the restaurant, soon after we went to visit the coptic district, it is the most ancient part of the city, with its alleys and holy places! We loved especially the church devoted to Virgin Mary, commonly called “the Suspended Church”, and Saint Sergio’s Church, where according to the legend the Holy Family took refuge during their escape in Egypt.
I must say that we always felt safe and we never had any security problem. So if you are thinking to Egypt as your next destination, you can go there without any worry!


Tempio di Philae

The last thing we visited was the Egyptian Museum, certainly very beautiful, but as it was rather late we had to visit it in a hurry; so I couldn’t appreciate it as I wanted, even because I was a little tired! Above all, I was sorry I couldn’t see very well Tutankamon’s Mask and his treasure; they are among the most interesting things in the museum, but there was a big crowd in the room where they are kept!


The day after we had to wake up very early to take a flight to Assuan, there we met another guide! The visit to the dam is a must; but what I liked a lot was Philae Temple. It has been moved after the construction of the dam to avoid it to be submerged by the water! It was a hard and incredible work, because they had to break it up and then to rebuild it on a small island on the river!


Abu Simbel

Abu Simbel

After lunch, it was very hot and we were really tired, as we hadn’t slept much the night before, so we were taken to our hotel, the Movenpick Resort Aswan. It is a very luxury and beautiful hotel, we loved it so much! Unfortunately we couldn’t enjoy it for long (I hope there are other chances in the future); in fact, the next day we had to wake very early again to get to Abu Simbel by bus!

Abu Simbel

But, even if we were sleepy and tired, it was one of the most beautiful things we saw during this journey, maybe because I had already seen a lot of photos, or simply because it is so huge and beautiful! Also this temple was moved following the construction of the Assuan Dam, and you really can’t imagine what a job it must have been!
I am not going to tell you the story of the temple, you can easily find it on the Internet; but I warmly advise you to visit it if you have the chance!
In the afternoon we went back to Assuan and we boarded on a ship to start our river cruise. You can read about it in my next article!

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