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Garmisch-Partenkirchen and Zugspitz (Germania)

Garmisch-Partenkirchen, in Baviera,is our destination. We started from Veneto, where we had visited some relatives, and we took the highway to Cadore

Sintra – Pena Castle

Durante il soggiorno a Lisbona, i Nonni Avventura organizzano una gita a Sintra per visitare il Castello… e vi consigliano caldamente di fare lo stesso

Canterbury and its cathedral

Se la storia vi piace, seguiteci… i Nonni Avventura vogliono mostrarvi la cittadina di Canterbury e la sua splendida cattedrale!

Scotland 2008

Scotland: a country of castles, ghosts and bagpipes. And of strong and proud people. I imagined it like that and, but for ghosts, it was like  that! Edimburgh The two things that stroke us when we got to Edimburgh from the airport (we took a shuttle that took us justLeggi tutto…

Oxford and Harry Potter

Sicuramente tutti conoscono Oxford e Harry Potter, ma sapevate che alcune delle scene dei film sono state girate in questa splendida città?

Cornwall – Southern Coast – 2° part

We left rather early to go to Truro, the capital city of Cornwall county. What we wanted to see was the cathedral, we found it rather easily. And we were also so lucky to find a parking nearby. Truro It is an Anglican cathedral, whose complete name is Cathedral ofLeggi tutto…

Cornwall – South Coast – 1° part

Cornwall How long had we been wanting to go to Cornwall? For a very long time, but for several reasons we hadn’t done it yet. In the end we made up our mind, we organized, booked a flight and here we were in Bristol! The flight was not very good,Leggi tutto…

Slovenia, a wonderful land!

I remember I was in Slovenia many years ago, soon after the end of the war, and I was surprised by the beauty of this country half destroyed by the fightings.

Lisbon, wonderful city!

Nonni Avventura enjoy a short but wonderful holiday in Lisbon, the Portuguese capital, and they are completely charmed by it!

Camargue, paradise just outside your door!

Poco dopo il confine con la Francia, si trova la splendida Camargue, famosa per il suo mare, i suoi cavalli, l’atmosfera gitana… e molto altro!

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